Fire Extinguisher Service

A fully charged and properly maintained fire extinguisher can help minimize damage to your home or business. Fires are unpredictable and can strike quickly. Having the correct type of extinguisher and having it maintained properly is your first line of defense. Our fire extinguisher service will keep you in compliance with current local and state codes.


When choosing a company to maintain your fire extinguishers you will find that General Fire is affordable, experienced and insured. You can choose to bring them in to our facility or have us come to yours, whatever best fits your needs and budget. No contracts are required and no cutting corners when it comes to your fire protection equipment.

We provide dedicated service for businesses and residential alike. Our service technicians are efficient and trained to follow all local codes. Our rates are competitive and our service is second to none. We service all major brands and models of fire extinguishers or we can provide you with new. We proudly sell Amerex brand fire extinguishers.

The following is an overview of the National Fire Protection Associations Standards that are followed to insure your compliance.

  • Check the gauge pressure.
  • Check the condition of the gauge and its compatibility with the extinguisher.
  • Check to see the hydro-test date is within code requirements.
  • Check the last 6-year maintenance inspection, if applicable.
  • Check the valve and shell for damage or corrosion.
  • Check the condition of the discharge horn.
  • Break the extinguisher seal and remove the locking pin.
  • Check the upper and lower handles.
  • Replace the locking pin and reseal the extinguisher.
  • Check the valve opening for powder or any foreign matter.
  • Wipe down the extinguisher.
  • Check that the unit is properly located at the required height from the ground.
  • Check that the unit is visible and unobstructed.


  • Professional technicians
  • Quick turn-around
  • Most replacement parts in stock
  • Volume discounts
  • Reasonable service charge
  • Quality Service
  • Free comparison quotes
  • Walk in or mobile service  available
  • Insured

Call us at 414-475-0959 for pricing or to determine which fire extinguisher is right for your application or visit the Amerex Website for product details! You can also use our contact form to get more information on how we can help you or to get a comparison quote.

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