Vehicle Equipment Installation

When spending tens of thousands of dollars on a new vehicle, don’t trust just anyone to perform the important task of installing your Fleet Equipment. Your employee’s lives and the lives of others depend on reliable installations. No job is too big or too small, a single vehicle or a fleet. Many hours of training can assure that you are getting the highest quality installation in the industry. In special instances, mobile installation is also available. Our job is to make you look good and keep your fleet on the street!

Installation is available on all products we sell.

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Emergency & Exit Lighting Inspection

We can verify that your emergency and exit lighting is functioning properly. Inspect the exit/emergency light to insure there is no damage and it is in satisfactory condition. Perform a push test to verify the unit illuminates. Ensure the lights are placed properly and verify the unit is operational and functioning as designed.

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Fire Extinguisher Service

Local, state and federal fire protection ordinances require that businesses and other organizations have regular inspections of their fire protection equipment. We can automatically dispatch a technician annually, semi-annually or monthly depending on your specific requirements or you can use our walk in service. Whatever best fits your schedule and budget. We will be happy to offer a competitive quote, just ask. We follow the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) publications NFPA 10 – Standard for Portable Fire Extinguishers as the basis for minimum requirements.

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Fire Hose Test and Inspection

Our trained professionals can inspect your fire hoses to ensure they are properly hung and in operating condition. NFPA 1962 – Care, Use and Testing of Fire Hose. Testing is done spring thru fall.

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Fire Hose Repair

Do you have holes, damaged couplings or need a custom made short length of hose? We can do it with our hose repair and re-coupling service. Using an electric-hydraulic hose coupling expander we can have your damaged hose back in service, or cut and re-coupled to custom lengths at a minimum cost in comparison to the purchase of new fire hose.

Prior to repair your hose is inspected for damage and/or defect and evaluated to determine if the hose is suitable for economic repair. Existing couplings are removed and a clean cut is made to the hose. Customer’s existing couplings, if in good condition, can be reused with a new expansion ring or new couplings can be installed.

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Lightbar Repair

Need a quick repair? We are here to help! Come to our showroom and we should have you back up in no time. Most common models of lightbars are repaired on-site.

BOTTOM LINE………If we can’t do it we will try and give you the name of someone who does

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